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Urgent Statement Against Russia's Military Invasion of Ukraine

Russia's current military invasion of Ukraine is an act of outrage upon the orderly world that desires peace and freedom, and it should never be tolerated.

Day after day, civilians are subjected to indiscriminate attacks by Russian troops, and precious lives, including small children's, are being robbed. As physicians who care for all people's lives and health, we cannot overlook this situation.

Medical facilities are also under attack. The neutrality of medicine and human rights must be respected unconditionally.

Answering a call from the World Medical Association, the Japan Medical Association (JMA) donated 100 million Japanese Yen for medical support to Ukraine on March 9th. We shall continue to provide medical support to Ukraine in solidarity with other national medical associations within the World Medical Association.

Our heart is with the people of Ukraine and our fellow medical professionals serving in Ukraine.

The JMA and its prefectural medical associations nationwide firmly protest Russia's military invasion. We hope for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and a peaceful solution through dialogue and negotiations as early as possible.

March 15, 2022