Message from the President

Yoshitake YOKOKURA

Toshio Nakagawa, M.D., Ph.D.
President, Japan Medical Association

In June 2020, I had the privilege to be elected as the 20th President of the Japan Medical Association (JMA). JMA will be reborn as a stronger and more open "New JMA".

Until now, JMA has made various policy proposals. Going forward, I will make sure to convey more actively the reason behind the proposals and what happens as a result. Furthermore, we will have various discussions aiming to realize the appropriate healthcare. I want to introduce the activities and healthcare policies of JMA broadly as well as listen to different opinions.

JMA has received a lot of inquiries regarding the novel coronavirus infection. Thus, we are strengthening the JMA COVID-19 Expert Meeting and preparing for the next pandemic while verifying the responses to date. Additionally, we will further strengthen our responsiveness in the future, by means of encouraging the creation of the Japanese version of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as an example, and will continuously be prepared for prospective outbreaks. We will enhance the mobility of disaster medicine and emergency medical care without forgetting the lessons learned from past disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as emerging infectious diseases, COVID-19 included.

A further issue to address is that many people are refraining from receiving healthcare in the face of COVID-19 infection, as we are all finding ourselves in the position of adjusting to a new way of life. Because of this difficult situation, JMA is requesting people to take appropriate healthcare for prevention purposes and health promotion toward the "100 year-life". Based on the slogan "First, consult with the Kakaritsuke Physician", JMA will support the training of the Kakaritsuke Physicians and their community health activities for more effective practices.

Moreover, securing sustainability has become a major issue for Japanese Healthcare Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance. We will maintain Universal Health Coverage while retaining the benefit range from all aspects, such as pursuing a financial adjustment function, distributing information to properly receive good healthcare, and introducing technology that enhances medical productivity, among others.

JMA has established the “JMA Codes of Principles” with the aim of realizing a society in which human dignity is valued, based on physician’s high ethical standards and sense of mission. Under these Codes, we will be making decisions promptly to protect the safety and security of the people.

June, 2020

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